Students' art work chronicles art class

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By Kirsten Laskey

If anyone wondered what Los Alamos High School art classeshave been up to all year, they just had to take a look around the classroom.

A semester’s worth of work covered the walls, filled the display cases and decorated tables. Through a school gallery show, which ended Thursday, students’ artwork and creativity were put on display for LAHS and the community.

“I think the work is really fantastic,” art teacher Dana Salmond said. “They’re so talented ee every student has some beautiful work.”

The exhibit featured ninth-grade through 12th grade work. It showed off masks, sculptures, metal work, paintings and more. Salmond said she believes 160 to 200 paintings were hung and another 100 three-dimensional works were presented.

The student exhibit is held at the end of each semester.

She explained the show not only reveals students’ work to their peers and parents, but they also get to view each other’s creations.

Additionally, “I think it shows them what they can do ee and to see it displayed,” she said.

Having work exhibited, Salmond said, usually enhances the appearance of the art. For instance, a painting typically looks better when it is mounted and hung.

The show not only won praise from Salmond, but also from those who viewed the art. Everyone commented on the quality of the work and had said how surprised they were by students’ talents, she said.

“Parents have said it’s been really good for the kids to have work displayed because it’s given them confidence in their abilities,” Salmond said.