Students advise administrators on new dance regulations

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By Rigel Baron/Teen Pulse staff

The Los Alamos High School’s Topper Advisory Council (TAC) has recently reviewed and approved a new set of guidelines, created by the student council, pertaining to dress code and other school rules for high school dances. The TAC, a council consisting of members belonging to the LAHS staff, student population, and parents, provides advice to the principal on school related issues. With a membership of about 20, this group of hardworking individuals meets monthly and is committed to making a positive and influential impact on the high school.
After tireless effort to revise the old code, members of the high school’s student council created a new set of dance rules due to previous misconceptions, misinterpretations and an overall negative reaction from high school students in relation to the previous dance regulations.
LAHS senior Jodi Thomas said, “I think that the main problem about what happened was not the rules, but how late they were released.” Others felt differently though, asserting that the rules regarding strapless dresses, dress thigh height and open back dresses needed revisions. Regardless, both issues have been solved with a revision and approval of the new rules more than five months before the high school’s next big dance, Prom.
The new code is based partially on other “A” rated New Mexican school’s dance guidelines, and almost flawlessly molds the desires of students and the administration. These new rules, recently released, can be found at the LAHS home website in a PDF form.
Hopes are high that this new, student created, dance code of conduct will be received well by the students and their parents.
More information regarding the Topper Advisory Council can be found online at laschools.net/domain/573.