Student accused of selling pot

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By Tris DeRoma

Police are accusing a Los Alamos High School student of dealing a “large amount” of marijuana on campus.
That case now will be heading to district court.
In late March, police noted some suspicious items in a car in the school’s parking lot. Police identified the car as belonging to Koby Leeches, 18, a student who attends the school.
While looking through the window of Leeches’ white Oldsmobile car, police allegedly saw a large clear white plastic bag that was filled with smaller plastic bags, a propane tank and “several bottles with a strange looking mechanism that appeared to be a pump of some kind,” investigating police said in their report.
They also noticed a wallet that contained a lot of cash.
Further investigation revealed a previous incident where two students were caught smoking marijuana in the same car March 12 in the Sullivan parking lot across the street from the school.
Leeches and his passenger were not charged in that incident, but in an incident involving the passenger just four days later, March 16, school officers found he was allegedly in possession of drug paraphernalia, several baggies, marijuana, Adderall and methamphetamine.
“Because of the short period of time between the field contact (the officer) had with both Koby and his passenger, followed by my case with the passenger, and my observation into this vehicle, and based on my training and experience, I believed the items visible to be cash and baggies to be used in the distribution of illicit drugs” the officer said in his report.
Police charged Leeches with dealing because of the number of marijuana stems they found in the car, once police were able to gain access to the inside.
“Of the items, it was the cash and the large number of stems that caught my attention the most,” said the officer in his report. ‘Based on the stems, it was clear that Koby had been in possession of a very large amount of marijuana recently. Given the large amount of cash, it is clear that a large amount of that marijuana was sold.”
Leeches was charged with distribution of a controlled substance (marijuana on school grounds) and four counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.