Strong support system helps Ramos thrive on the mat

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

A great support system can take a person from good to great and LAHS wrestler, Gloria Ramos, highlights there is proof in the pudding. After a season she described as a as a struggle with a lot of ups and downs, she stepped up and achieved great success, some new friends and an increased goal to succeed even more.

“At first I wasn’t going to wrestle and had originally decided to only attend practices without participating in tournaments,” said Ramos. “I missed competing pretty quickly and changed my mind. Now that I look back, I feel it was a relatively good year.”

A “relatively good year,” includes placing first at the inaugural all-girls high school wrestling tournament in Aztec, and bringing home a third-place medal, at the State Wrestling Championships, and second place at the Greater Southwest Nationals Tournament. Her success has inspired her to continue wrestling year-round, so she can get some more time on the mat.

At one point in order to get that mat time during the season, Ramos wrestled far out of her weight class at 160 pounds, when her actual class was 143, which happened at the state meet. “I was incredibly nervous because, well, it’s state,” said Ramos.  “My feelings were exemplified because I knew I would be wrestling girls 15-20 lbs heavier than me.” While the match felt like a challenge, Ramos went 3-1, with all three wins coming by pin, taking third place for her second year at the state championships.

Her first win came at Los Alamos Middle School, during her eight-grade year and a tournament in Robertson. Now with sister Teresa, an LAHS senior, by her side as manager, she is stronger than ever. She also gives that credit to her coaches, parents and fellow teammates. “My incredible team, I love each and every one of them with all of my heart,” said Ramos. “They have my back no matter what, and I can’t thank them enough for accepting and respecting me, they’re my second family.”

A new family may have been formed as a first all-girls tournament was held. An all-female tournament is a rare occasion where new friendships can be formed and where first place winners received not only their medal, but also “Queen of the Mat,” shirts. “I think it was a really good experience and it’s just the beginning of what’s to come for girls wrestling.”