Storytelling at the Romero Cabin

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As part of the downtown Friday night activities in Los Alamos, Terry Foxx and her granddaughter Rose Carlisi will sing and tell stories at the Romero Cabin from 6-7:30 p.m. Friday.
The program is called, “A Quilt of Stories.” Stories, legends, myths and songs come from all cultures. As pieces of fabric can make a quilt, fragments of history, when stitched together, can make a mosaic that helps people understand past and present.
Sitting in front of the Romero Cabin, Foxx and Carlisi will explore some of the history of the old West, interwoven with history of the Pajarito Plateau and area.
Included in the storytelling are personal recollections, environmental stories and stories of other countries. The storytelling is meant to appeal to children and adults.
Foxx is a master storyteller who apprenticed for four years in the Guild of Sacred Storytelling.  She has traveled to various places around the U.S., Ireland, England and Iceland to better understand storytelling as an art form and as a means to explore cultural identity and history.
Carlisi is from Utah, and is a teen that loves to sing and has told stories with her grandmother in the past.
Foxx was also involved in the original project to move the Romero Cabin from its original site to behind Fuller Lodge and said she is delighted that this artifact of history is being shared with the community.