Stop taking signs

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

There has been a rash of attacks on political signs lately. I’ve heard of many Obama signs stolen and then found stuck in one yard in the western area. Several of my own signs have either been moved or damaged.  I don’t know about other candidates.  But I am asking the person or person’s responsible for these actions to stop!!

We all have a right to free speech and that means posting yard signs for the candidates of our choice in our yards. Also remember that once you enter someone’s property without permission you are trespassing and when you steal the campaign sign or damage it you are committing a crime.  

So ask yourself is it worth it to get arrested or worse?  

 Finally I want you to know that these signs don’t just appear magically candidates have to raise money to pay for them and so it becomes a financial loss to the candidate and their supporters. If you have a particular problem with Barack Obama or myself or any other candidates please be an adult and make that known in some other way whether it’s a letter to the editor or a letter or conversation with the candidate themselves at least locally.

But don’t behave childishly.

Council candidate