Stop the insanity

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The troubled economy, both here and in Europe, has dominated most people’s thoughts.
Yet all around us are threats, with far reaching consequences to the national security of the United States, which must be dealt with….either on our terms or our enemy’s terms!
In the simmering caldron of the Middle East, Iran’s radical Islamist leaders continue their progress toward attaining a nuclear weapon. And while they do that, unfettered by the timid foreign policy of the Obama administration, they create trouble wherever they can.
Examples include their active support of the brutal Assad Regime in Syria which becomes a dependent surrogate that will aid and abet their ambition to control the entire Middle East, and destroy Israel.
Equally troubling is Iranian involvement in Venezuela, where they are planning a military base on the Paraguana Peninsula that will purportedly include a range of facilities including missile silos….this clearly being a potential threat given it’s within missile range of the continental United States.
Closer to home, the southern border continues to be unstable…within the last few days the entire Juarez Police Department has been intimidated by a powerful cartel threatening to kill one police officer a day until the police chief resigns. Mexico has lost control of parts of its northern border to drug cartels with paramilitary capabilities….in this case right next to El Paso, Texas.
While all of this is occurring, President Obama wants Draconian cuts in our military forces. A reduction of 80,000 troops from the Army, 20,000 from the Marine Corps, and a myriad of other cuts in capabilities across the board.
Cutting our muscle in a time of danger and vulnerability is reckless.
This insanity has to stop, and it’s not a partisan issue….when enemies attack us they don’t ask us for our political registration, they simply try to kill us because we’re Americans.
And besides insuring our safety, we’ll never sustain an economic recovery without a strong national defense….muscle is necessary to both!
Allen Weh