Stimulus jobs at lab, really?

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By The Staff

Stimulus jobs at lab, really?

Dear Editor,

 The article “Lab wants to spread jobs, put stimulus to work,” (Monitor, April 15) was very interesting. However, I offer the following additional comments.

First, as you know, LANL has a terrible track record in issuing and awarding Request for Proposals.  In the three years since LANS took over, I don’t think they have awarded one new service contract.  They have advertised several - one for safety support and one for A/E support, but cancelled them prior to award.

Second, if you go to the LANL website and look for procurements, there is only one advertised. Two notices of intent are advertised for recovery act work. Rule of thumb it takes six months or more for LANL to go from an RFP to an award.

Thus, all these promised jobs won’t materialize until late this year unless they go through existing subcontractors.

Also if you go to the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement site, they do not have any RFPs out for any support.  Finally, there may have been the 150-200 companies in attendance at the construction forum, but they were mostly (80+ percent) firms that had not been to one of the previous types of forums held in 2006 and 2007 (not sure about 2008).

Basically, firms that attended in the past or that have tracked business at LANL didn’t bother to show up - they have no faith in LANL putting out new work in a timely fashion and without overly stringent requirements.

Christopher M. Timm

San Jose, N.M.