Still more on charter amendments

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Laura Walton’s letter Friday night contains several untruths.  Here are the facts:
The Charter Review Committee has finished its work and made its report to the council.  The council is now considering their recommendations.
The Charter Review Committee considered making the office of clerk full time but decided to make no recommendation at all.
The CRC made no recommendation regarding the office of Assessor.
The CRC recommended changes to the charter that clarify the duties of the sheriff, but did not recommend eliminating the office.
Los Alamos is an incorporated county, which means it is both a city and county.  Its status as a city having adopted a home rule charter means it has the same home rule privileges as many other cities in new Mexico including Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Silver City.  
The 1966 Charter provided for 15 percent and 30 days for initiative and referendum petitions, much more stringent than is being proposed by the CRC.  The charter amendments proposed call for the same  numbers that Ms. Walton’s group LAGRI has proposed:  15 percent and 60 days. These requirements are in line with similar provisions in other home rule cities in New Mexico and are very feasible.
LAGRI has consistently misrepresented the recommendations of the CRC and this last-minute list of incorrect allegations should be disregarded.  You can read the CRC report for yourself on-line at the county’s website:  http://www.losalamosnm.us/news/Documents/CRC%20Final%20Report%20with%20D... .
George Chandler
Los Alamos