A sticky situation for baseball

So I’m a little upset that the Los Alamos Monitor’s own “Today In History” video didn’t include the most important event ever to occur on a July 24.
I speak, of course, of the Pine Tar Game.
If you’re too young to remember the Pine Tar Game, which happened 30 years ago today, everything you need to know (and plenty you don’t) is included in this video:


Compare and contrast the Pine Tar Game with the situation Mr. Ryan Braun, and likely others, will find themselves in today with their connection to performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).
Braun, the 2011 National League MVP, was suspended without pay for the rest of the season after he was found to have elevated levels of testosterone and his connection with the now-boarded up Biogenesis lab. Others, including Alex Rodriguez, could learn their fate soon with their past PED usage.
Just think: 30 years ago, using a sticky substance on a bat was considered a humongous baseball scandal.
Now there’s really something to get up in arms about.