Stickfaddens: Monitor an important part of life in LA

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Back about 1964, teenager Gerry Strickfaden was delivering the then weekly Los Alamos Monitor in the Sandia part of Western Area.  Down in the Denver Steels/Orange St. Area, Georgia Ann Wilder was delivering newspapers, utilizing her sister’s Vespa motor scooter.  Gerry and Georgia didn’t know each other then, but met later on as students at Eastern New Mexico University.  
They tease each other with memories of seeing each other picking up their newspapers when the Monitor office was in the Community Center (now Central Park Square), Gerry especially remembering this girl teetering away with a huge load of papers balanced on the Vespa, and Georgia seeing a guy whose mother was helping him.
 Much later, after getting started in their professional careers, Gerry as an engineer at the Zia Company and Georgia teaching school in Colorado and Arizona, they married and made Los Alamos their home in 1973.  Gerry went on to work at Los Alamos Scientific (later National) Laboratory.
They have subscribed to the Los Alamos Monitor forever, finding it an important source of what’s going on in Los Alamos, especially in community and county government affairs.  How can 50 years have passed so quickly?
Congratulations to the Los Alamos Monitor on 50 years!  You’re an important part of our life in Los Alamos.

Georgia and Gerry Strickfaden
Los Alamos