Statewide MainStreet members visit hill

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By Carol A. Clark

More than 40 MainStreet members from across the state gathered in Los Alamos this week to brainstorm and share activities and accomplishments.

Los Alamos MainStreet Coordinator Jeremy Varela hosted the three-day event, which kicked off Tuesday with a reception at Fuller Lodge.

Member Services Coordinator Katy Korkos of the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce stopped by a dinner held for the group at the Hilltop House Hotel Tuesday evening.

“The New Mexico MainStreet organization holds quarterly meetings around the state for the individual MainStreet organizations,” Korkos said.

“Our local MainStreet program arranged for meals and events to be held at a wide variety of venues throughout the community.”

The group toured the Central Avenue Streetscape Project.

Korkos explained that Varela and Executive Director Kevin Holsapple of the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation recently received an $80,000 grant, which will be used to provide informational kiosks and other enhancements to the project.

Los Alamos MainStreet’s mission is to support a vibrant downtown and a strong business community, she said.

The program provides a Los Alamos online Shopping Directory at shop.losalamos.com.

As a Los Alamos County contractor, MainStreet provides downtown promotions, downtown designs, an economic database and community profile, a commercial property database and vacancy information, as well as business recruitment activities, assistance and advocacy.

New Mexico MainStreet is a grassroots economic development program that assists communities in revitalizing their traditional commercial neighborhoods.

A division of the New Mexico Economic Development Department, MainStreet works throughout New Mexico to help affiliated downtown organizations create an economically viable business environment while preserving local cultural and historic resources.

The Program provides resources, education, training and technical services that stimulate the economic vitality of each participating community while celebrating local heritage and culture.

MainStreet is a consensus-building program that fosters community pride and encourages the growth of small businesses, consequently enhancing local employment and income opportunities, tax revenues, property values and general quality of life.

New Mexico MainStreet works within the National Trust Main Street Center's established Four-Point Approach of organization, design, promotion and economic positioning while tailoring to meet local needs and opportunities.

MainStreet has been the premier organization that brings life to New Mexico's downtowns since 1984.

Los Alamos MainStreet is preparing its annual Trick or Treat on MainStreet set for Friday, Oct. 31 in downtown Los Alamos.

For information, access lamainstreet.com or call Varela at 661-4844.