State reprieves solar tax credit

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By The Staff

Homeowners and businesses that let the Jan. 15 deadline slide by without applying for solar tax credits now have an additional month to submit their applications.

The deadline change, which will also apply in the future, is now Feb. 15.

“Filing for the New Mexico tax credit requires first that the solar system be certified by the state’s Energy Minerals and Natural Resources Department,” said Fernando Martinez, director of the Department’s Energy Conservation and Management Division.

Fernandez said the office could be reached at 505-476-3310 and was available for assisting taxpayers in preparing their paperwork.

New Mexico’s main solar tax credit allows up to $9,000 for a solar system installed between Jan. 1, 2006, and Dec. 31, 2015. The state tax credit doubles to $18,000 for two separate systems. A federal tax credit allows up to $2,000.

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