State needs jobs, not taxes

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In a recent letter to the editor, Oct.10, Sen. Peter Wirth said that he has a hard time envisioning a better option to help New Mexico Business than raising taxes on competition with out-of -state headquarters.  Such an attitude, of course, demonstrates a lack of imagination or vision.
 This is the attitude of some that believe all the state’s problems are solved with increased taxes and spending, even if the state has a budget surplus.  He implies that big box companies do not pay any taxes.  Of course they do, but many have headquarters in business friendly states.  According to a CNBC report, New Mexico currently ranks 38 and our neighbor Texas ranks No. 1.  Where do you think that a business would locate in this climate? Which state would one guess has  the higher per capita income?  The solution to many of New Mexico’s problems  is to reduce taxes and regulation, thus inviting companies to come here.  New Mexico needs jobs - not more taxes.
R.T. Perry
Los Alamos