Staff, students cope with LAHS construction

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The single word, “construction” brings bittersweet feelings to members of Los Alamos High School, but is it really an inconvenience? At the beginning of the year, many complained and found problems with the conditions, but as more time passes, many are welcoming the change with open arms.
Construction has been going on since April of 2010 and is expected to continue until the end of the year.
The high school’s office staff is relieved to find that the project is only a week behind schedule.
The library staff finds that there is a lot more interaction and enjoys the increase in people going to the library. The high school’s newest additions, the freshmen, have never been at the school when there wasn’t construction going on, so they don’t find themselves in a position to complain.
Haley Bridgewater said, “... We do, however, see that there is not a direct route to most wings of the school. That in turn slows down our commute.”
Juniors and seniors, for the most part, are fine with the current conditions. One upperclassman, David Li, said,” We are more focused on our own futures so much we do not regret that we will not be in the school once it has been completed.”
The teachers who found themselves having to move into portables, find it much less painful than originally imagined. They praise the custodial staff for their outstanding job despite all the campus changes. They also praise the construction workers for their hard work and upbeat attitudes, yet they also see a social problem with having to be housed in portables. They are no longer in larger buildings and don’t see their coworkers as often as they would like.
One teacher said, “ There is no staff room and I only see others momentarily while making copies or for staff meetings  ...”
There are some drawbacks, but, as one staff member said, “In order to make progress, one must also make sacrifices.”