Stable owners thankful

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On Tuesday June 5, Los Alamos Police reported that 3 boys set fires in the  North Mesa Stable Area. Fortunately, LAFD responded immediately to extinguish  the fires and no structures or animasl were hurt. One of these fires burned to  a 10-by-10 foot area.
The Los Alamos Stable Owners Association would like to  thank Roberta MacInnes for quick thinking in calling 911, and for the  emergency responders for their good work in keeping us safe. There have been numerous instances of petty crimes (thefts, moving horses to different locations, taking equipment) in the past year. The alleged arson is another  category entirely.
We hope that whoever the juveniles were, they will be fully impressed with the severe dangers of deliberately setting fires. They risk injury or death both to themselves and our own animals and children, who may not be able to escape a fire should this happen again. Diligence is key, and all parents  should be aware of how their children are occupying their time.
Laura Cox
Los Alamos