Spring fever grabs hold of students

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The symptoms are common this time of year. Simply thinking about the fun that freedom will bring once school ends, sweeps the average person into a fantasy world in which giddyness enhabits.
The most devout students find themselves sighing longingly while staring dreamily out a finger-printed window at the scene beginning to bud right in front of their eyes. Every minute seems like an hour as the clock slowly inches toward the beginning of a new adventure.
The only thing keeping teens inside is the reality of school discipline.
What’s the trigger of this distractive illness? Seeing those new pairs of sandals as the weather grows increasingly warmer is one trigger. The feeling of a full and sweet beginning is what sweeps teens away. The smell of grass that’s actually green, and a breath of the air that seems to be alive and vibrant with hopes and dreams for the future.
But, wait. One can’t have spring fever without something to keep you from drifting. Now’s not the time to give into daydreaming in math class. At least not yet. Finals are fast approaching and for many students it takes everything to stay focused on the task at hand.
Yet the feeling buds deep in their hearts, crying out to be heard, rising up quickly with the temperature.
A  loose, flirty reminder that the world will go on and whole new adventures are waiting, not as patiently, to be discovered.
The best part of this illness is that there’s absolutely no prevention. Unlike spring allergies, which are just as plentiful, there is nothing that can be done about the feelings of summer rushing through people’s veins, forcing them to burst with excitement. As each feeling glows, perky, students find themselves wanting to impress everyone with a summer trip to be remembered for a lifetime.
Spring fever along with the irrepressible feelings of  irrisistable joy is simply a gift. Be thankful and enjoy the sickness with all as its victim.

--Maria Jaleh McTeigue