Sports letter 05-29-11

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Sod sale was a big success
The Sullivan Field sod sale was a success. The athletic department raised over $18,000 in 2-1/2 days that will be used for equipment and supplies. The money will be used for both the middle school and high school athletic programs.
The success of the sale is due to all the volunteers, coaches and athletes who donated their time to roll and load sod on pallets. The success is also because of the community who waited patiently in line to buy the sod.  The donations that were given for the sod will help our athletic programs and the high school and middle school continue to be one of the top programs in the state.
Again, the athletic department would like to thank everyone for their help with the sod sale, our teams and coaches will benefit from the donations to the program.  Thanks to all the volunteers, coaches and athletes.

Vicki T. Nelms
Los Alamos High School athletic director