Sports and barbering connect

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Local barbershop gets a facelift

By Jennifer Garcia

“The usual? Finger-length on top, 3/8 on the sides?” Dave Patterson asked as he draped a cape around one of his regular clients.

A handful of men watched television while waiting for their turn in the barber’s chair Thursday afternoon at Dave’s Sports Barbershop in Central Park Square. Anchors from ESPN talk about sports, helping the men pass their time.

A Kobe Bryant figurine sits atop one of the mini-lockers that hold miscellaneous barbering tools and a barber pole churns lazily in one corner of the room.

Though a barbershop has existed in the spot next door to China Moon for several years, it wasn’t always a sports barbershop.

Patterson bought the business from former owner Ted Armijo in November. He worked at Armijo’s shop for eight years before he was able to save enough money to buy the business.

“I saved as I worked as a barber and bought the shop. Four months later I remodeled it,” Patterson said. “I’ve changed the environment.”

Patterson replaced everything in the shop from the floors to tiles, paint, chairs and blinds. “Nothing in here stayed. If Ted came in here now, he wouldn’t recognize it,” Patterson said. “I couldn’t live old. I had to put my stamp on it.”

It’s evident that Patterson is a sports fan.

Sports memorabilia is everywhere; from the mini-lockers that hold his and other barber’s tools of the trade, to the sports figurines and custom-made drawings that line the walls.

The new furnishings weren’t the only changes Patterson made.

He also brought in a new barber, his brother Greg Casados. Marilyn Huggard also works at the shop.

“Marilyn is like the shop mom,” Patterson said. “We all get along great.”

Patterson said since he took over ownership and remodeled the shop, business has picked up.

“We have a lot of new clients. Everyone thinks we’ve doubled our business.”

The wait time can sometimes be lengthy so Patterson tries to make his clients comfortable by providing satellite TV, as well as doughnuts and coffee on Saturday mornings.

 In fact, Patterson said he averages about 30 clients per day, while Casados has an average of 20 and Huggard has about 25.