Sporting goods store to open soon

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By Arin McKenna

Many are looking forward to one new business scheduled to open soon: Fusion Multisport.
Owners Rose and Brad Nyenhuis relocated from Indiana in order to open their business here.
“My husband and I were looking for business out West: Utah, Colorado, and Brad expanded his search to New Mexico,” Rose said. “So we were looking for business opportunities, because we love the mountains and we wanted to live somewhere near mountains or in the mountains.”
The Nyenhuises came to Los Alamos to look at an existing business that was on the market. They decided that business was not a good fit for them, but they fell in love with the town while they were here. They had never been in Los Alamos before that.
When they were preparing to visit Los Alamos, Brad posted a question on an online mountain bike forum, asking if anyone could tell them about mountain biking here. He received a response from one of the local cyclists and an invitation to go for a ride while he was here.
That person introduced the couple to several other residents during their visit, and that group suggested opening a sports oriented business. Rose is a hiker and Brad is a biker, so it seemed like a perfect fit.
The Nyenhuises have leased the 2,200-square-foot storefront at 106 Central Park Square (the previous location for UPEX) and are currently remodeling it. They will specialize in high performance sports: running, biking and skiing, and will offer both equipment and repair services.
The couple have been in Los Alamos one month.
“I love it. We still wake up in the mornings and it’s like, wow, we really are here,” Rose said. “It was really a long and hard road to get here, so we’re just so happy. And we just have such a good time and people are so wonderful.
“We love the beauty of it. It’s surrounded by mountains, and it’s so beautiful, and the trails are wonderful,” Rose said. “And the people. I’m just in awe of the people. They go out of their way to be helpful, they go out of their way to make you feel included. It’s just so neat.”
Fusion Multisport is on track to open in late October or early November.