Speeds reduced next week

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Traffic alert: Drivers should prepare to slow down through Eastern Area

Los Alamos County staff has been working with the New Mexico Department of Transportation to have N.M. 502 speed limits reduced in the Eastern Area. This is the first step in a plan to address residents’ complaints about sound levels.

NMDOT performed a speed study and recommended reducing the speed limit to 40 mph along the airport and to 35 mph at Airport Road.

The county received notification yesterday that the plan has been approved. New traffic signs should be installed by the end of next week.  

Once the speed limit changes have been in place a month or so to allow drivers to adjust, staff will check sound levels to determine additional sound mitigation measures.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, residents expressed concerns that a new study will delay the construction of a sound wall.

Public Works Director Philo Shelton responded that there could be a small delay in the projected start date, but he anticipates the sound wall will be completed by the end of the 2013 construction season.
Eastern Area resident Sue Pope asked that construction vehicles for the Trinity Site project be required to use the truck route to reduce noise levels.

David Quintana, technical support engineer for NMDOT, said that would require an agreement with the Department of Energy. The truck route is on DOE property.

Council Chair Sharon Stover asked staff to request that Kroger/Smith’s direct construction traffic to the truck route.