Some thoughts on local vote

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By Ralph Damiani

It is time to take a moment and look at the recent county council election and ask if there is a statement in the vote. We think there is.

First, however, we would like to take a moment to give our congratulations to both the voters and the candidates.

We had such a great voter turnout and that is always a good thing to see in a democracy. Secondly, those voters had a choice of some very good people and that fact should not be overlooked.

Running for office is a hard thing, it takes a lot of time, sacrifice and dedication. Those people who ran should all receive our thanks – winners or not.

So to Manny Baca, Ken Milder, Sharon Stover, Mike Wismer and Vincent Chiravalle we extend the thanks of the community for a job well done.

Now, for the discussion.

When three of the five candidates question the way the county is going, how it is being run and how it is spending its money – and those three win – then it seems to us the message is loud and clear.

People are not happy with the way the county is spending money, not happy with all the projects being put forth and have a feeling of simply being ignored.

We are fortunate to have such an honest and dedicated group on council and in the county staff. Still, things are not being handled well and there are too many questions.

And that is why the incumbent and the candidate who most strongly supported the council both lost and why those who raised these questions won.

Honor our veterans

Tuesday is Veterans Day. It is a time to honor America’s service men and women of yesteryear. But it should be more than that, it should also be a day to pledge to our future vets – those fighting in the War on Terrorism – that they will not be asked to sacrifice their lives uselessly.

It is often said that soldiers must selflessly sacrifice themselves for their country. But that is wrong. Their sacrifice must be borne by all of us if it is to have meaning.

The best way we can honor our veterans and give real meaning to Veterans Day – aside from ceremonies honoring their bravery and dedication to their values – is to understand that every generation will fight for freedom when necessary.

If we say that we honor the sacrifices made by our forefathers, yet are unwilling to do the same today, then we truly dishonor them.

Locally, there will be a Veterans Day community celebration at the American Legion Post 90, 1325 Trinity Drive, at 11 a.m. on Tuesday.

All veterans, their families and friends, as well as the general public are invited. The local theme is “Honoring those that have served and those who continue to serve.”

Whether you can go or not, honor our veterans each and every day.