Some election recommendations

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By Ralph Damiani

The Monitor will continue its tradition of recommendations in election races, this year making some suggestions for the primary – in which early voting has already begun.

The Monitor editorial board was not unanimous in its recommendations, and that will be noted when pertinent. And we will not comment on uncontested races.

In the primary races for Los Alamos County Council, it should be noted that all candidates will advance to the general election, as there are three seats open and two candidates from each party. After the primary, other candidates may file as independents so that number could swell. For now, the Monitor will hold its endorsement.

In the contested races left, there is district attorney and the Public Regulation Commission seat.

In both these races the same situation applies, the winner of the Democratic primary wins the seat as there is no Republican candidates.

In the PRC race, a divided editorial board looked at the candidates, and had favorable things to say about Bruce Throne and Joseph Maestas.

But Maestas’ better knowledge of northern New Mexico, his superior performance as mayor of Espaola and his general knowledge of this part of the state led us to recommend him.

His job performance in Espaola has been nothing short of spectacular and is a prime factor in our endorsement. He has shown he can get the job done.

We encourage voters to elect Joseph Maestas to the seat on the Public Regulation Commission.

In the race for District Attorney, there are really three good and qualified candidates and we think that whoever wins the race will turn the department in a new, needed direction. And that thought is the basis of our endorsement.

We feel that new leadership, new ideas, new blood if you will, is vitally needed in the office. There is only one candidate who fits that role and so we endorse Angela Pacheco for the office.

She has the experience, the depth of knowledge and ability to run the department and instill it with some new energy. We feel the office has gotten off track of late and that a new direction is needed.

She is currently the city attorney in Espaola and has been part of that city’s new progress. She brings a fresh perspective to the job and will serve the region well.

While all the candidates are good, and would work to expand the DA’s presence in Los Alamos - something vitally needed - we think that Pacheco is the best candidate.

We endorse Angela Pacheco in the district attorney’s race.