Society names LANL's Porterfield ASTM fellow

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The American Society for Testing Materials presented Donivan Porterfield of LANL’s Actinide Analytical Chemistry group the 2013 Award of Merit, which confers the rank of ASTM Fellow.
ASTM’s Award of Merit was established in 1949 and is the highest award granted by the Society to an individual member for distinguished service and outstanding participation in ASTM International committee activities.
The award recognizes Porterfield for his extensive knowledge and commitment to excellence in standards development. Porterfield serves on both the ASTM Nuclear Fuel Cycle International Committee and the ASTM Water International Committee. He has led or contributed to the development of dozens of ASTM standards, methods and practices. Porterfield has received Standards Development Awards, Awards of Appreciation, and Awards of Achievement from the ASTM.
He won the Harlon J. Anderson Award, the highest award the Nuclear Fuel Cycle International Committee may bestow on an individual, and the Max Hecht Award, the highest award the Water International Committee can bestow on an individual.
Porterfield has held Membership Chair, Subcommittee Chair, and Task Group Chair positions for both committees.
Porterfield received a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Texas – Austin.
He joined the laboratory in 1997, where he is an analytical ch\emistry and radiochemical measurements scientist.
He performs R and D and analytical services, supporting nuclear weapons stockpile stewardship, nuclear forensics and nonproliferation, plutonium heat source fabrication for deep space exploration and national security applications, nuclear material safeguards, and radiobioassay and environmental monitoring.