Socialism and the new left: The deep state

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Even the casual observer realizes the accusations against Donald Trump which brought on the Mueller investigation had to originate from forces deep within the previous administration. We now know the Trump campaign was wiretapped as a counterintelligence operation and the Steele dossier was contrived and paid by the Clinton campaign and presented unverified by the FBI before a FISA Court. Former FBI, CIA and national intelligence directors have speculated publicly

Trump could well be a Russian agent and media outlets played the message relentlessly, all to convince us it was true. All this does smack of a soft coup to overthrow the Trump administration.

The Mueller Report is now complete and no conspiracy found, the Democrats and progressives of the new-left refuse to acknowledge President Trump is exonerated. They must keep up the message of corruption to keep their narrative going.

The deep state has existed before and not by the penetration of foreign nationals, but by Americans. As an ideological 25-year-old, Whittaker Chambers joined the Communist Party of the USA.  

Seven years later he was recruited by the Soviet GRU to spy on the United States. In 1938, he broke with the communists and the next year went to work for Time Magazine. During his time with the GRU, Chambers was introduced to others in the underground who had infiltrated into powerful jobs in government, including the Departments of War, Labor, State and Treasury. The Soviets had penetrated our government and were working hard to destroy it from within.

In 1948, Chambers was subpoenaed by the House Committee on Un-American Activities to testify on his activities and fellow communist travelers within government, publishing and journalism. In that testimony, he identified seventeen communist planted deep within government, the most famous being Alger Hiss. Hiss had risen to Assistant Secretary of State and drafted the charter for the formation of the United Nations and served as it’s acting Secretary General during the early days. Hiss was later convicted of perjury and found to be a Soviet operative.

In Chambers 1953 autobiography Witness, he wrote, “The communist vision has a mighty agitator and a mighty propagandist. [The agitator] speaks intensely to the human mind at the point where desperation lurks. [The propagandist] speaks intensely to the human mind at the point where man’s hope and man’s energy fuse to fierceness.

The vision inspires. The crisis impels.”  Therein exists the socialist game plan. Create a crisis and promote it.
The progressive Democrats who have announced for president are well-educated in our constitutional order. They just don’t like it. They don’t like the electoral college because they have lost two recent presidential elections, after winning the popular vote. They don’t like ICE because they say immigration control is racist. They essentially want the immigrant population as future progressive voters.

They don’t like the current balance of the Supreme Court because activist Justices are not in the majority. They impose restrictions on the First Amendment with campaign finance regulations and continue to advance Second Amendment gun control measures that restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens and do nothing to prevent gun related crimes.
They have a war with people of faith who refuse services to those who violate their faith precepts. They promote income disparity between the working and educated classes. They want a tuition-free tertiary education. All of these issues make crises points they claim disrupt the social and democratic order and they must be changed.

The power brokers are the financiers like Saikat Chakrabarti who founded The Brand New Congress PAC and raises millions to promote progressive candidates like the 29-year-old AOC who is not going away and now seems to be in charge of the Democrat’s economic planning. Chakrabarti is a political activist from Harvard, former staffer for Bernie Sanders and successful software engineer.

The progressive push for radical change is a thirst for power and diametrically opposed to constitutional order. They have penetrated our system, they are well funded and are working hard to destroy what has made us great. They use social media to emote their cause, rather than facts and policy.

The opposition should consist of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and all others who wish to retain our freedom. For some reason, many centrist Democrats and moderate Republicans in New Mexico have not understood the progressive message and their end game of absolute control.

Tom Wright was a responder to the medical needs of the Chernobyl nuclear accident and worked in Russia for three years.