Snyder leaves Los Alamos Site Office Deputy Manager post

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NNSA: He will head the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest Site Office

Following six years at the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Los Alamos Site Office, Roger Snyder leaves his post as LASO Deputy Manager to head the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest Site Office.
PNSO is one of 10 laboratories within DOE’s Office of Science. Located in Richland, Wash., PNSO oversees and manages the contract for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working for LASO and living in Los Alamos,” Snyder said. “I value my colleagues, many of whom I consider friends, on both the federal and contractor side. I know they will continue to successfully move the lab forward.

“My family and I will miss our home and neighbors in Los Alamos. We have built very fond memories. This is a fine community and we’re fortunate to have spent part of our lives here.

“We do look forward, though, to beginning this next phase of my career and exploring a ‘new’ part of the country.”

Snyder joined the Department of Energy (DOE) (where) in 1990 as part of the Defense Programs Technical Intern Program.  He served in various positions of leadership at LASO prior to becoming Deputy Site Office Manager.

As Deputy, he oversaw about $2 billion annually in programs and projects as well as providing stewardship for the more than 2,000 facilities on over 23,000 acres comprising Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Previously, his career included assignments at all the NNSA sites, most DOE’s Environmental Management sites, and at NNSA and EM Headquarters offices in Washington, D.C.

“Roger has made valuable contributions to this organization, and to the lab,” said LASO Manager Kevin Smith. “I know he will do the same at PNSO.”

Snyder and his wife, Leslie, and their three children will relocate to Richland, Wash. His final day at LASO is Aug. 13. His first official day with the Office of Science is Monday, but his first day in the office is Aug. 29.

During his time in Los Alamos, Snyder was active in public service, serving as a Board Commissioner for Los Alamos County and as a private School Board member.

“Roger Snyder has an outstanding track record as a manager for DOE and NNSA and has over 21 years of engineering and management experience,” said Joe McBrearty, Chief Operating Officer of the DOE Office of Science.

“His experience and leadership skills will be valuable to the Office of Science, and we are pleased to have Roger as part of the Office of Science team.”