Sneaking employment search under the radar

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By Carol A. Clark

An innovative new website allows job hunters to keep employers and others in the dark about their employment seeking activities. The Naples, Fla., corporation, QuietHire.com Inc., is designed to protect applicant identities. This anonymity allows job candidates an opportunity to potentially be discovered by corporations all over the world.

QuietHire provides a unique mechanism for the nearly 40 percent of working people reluctant to post their resumes on traditional sites, according to the company’s website. The process provides candidates with total anonymity through a confidential profile – never revealing their name, current employer or any other personally identifiable information.

Descriptive anonymous profiles remove fear, yet showcase career history, skills and achievements, according to the site, and the confidential hiring process enables employers across the globe to access the profiles for an annual fee.

Candidates whose profiles match an employer’s job criteria are contacted through a confidential email messaging system. This system provides company information and job position detail. Candidates have the luxury of choosing which company position they wish to pursue. If a candidate wishes not to pursue a company’s interest, they may simply ignore the request. By responding to an employer, the interview process begins.

QuietHire.com Inc. is owned and operated by a management team of professional recruiters who, according to the site, said they knew there was something missing in today’s current on-line employment industry.

Rather than upload a resume, candidates fill out a free confidential profile that highlights their education, job titles, skills, salary expectations and relocation options. Employers fill out a company profile and a job search criteria that is then matched to candidate profiles through a proprietary electronic system.

“QuietHire.com allows candidates the ability to quietly present their credentials through our Confidential Career Profile,” said founder and President Dan Ressler. “This lifetime career profile protects their identity because it excludes their name, current employer or any other personally identifiable information. By using our proprietary method, candidates eliminate all fear of reprisal from their current employer and may have access to countless new job opportunities throughout their career.”

QuietHire.com launched June 20. Co-founder and Executive Vice President Kathleen Chilcote stated in a news release, “We anticipate tens of thousands of new profiles being posted daily. The benefits to companies and corporations will be extraordinary.”

The most recent survey conducted on passive candidates showed 36 percent of employed people were “happily employed” but “open to accepting a new position in the next six months,” she said.

By applying that percentage to the 145,969,000 currently employed people listed in the March, 2008 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, some 52,548,840 employed people in the United States are not looking for employment but are willing to accept a new position. This is the group of passive candidates QuietHire.com said it is targeting.