Smoke screen from hookah pipe designed to bamboozle

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When you build a house, or any structure, first you start with the architect’s design. From that you make a blueprint, which has all the details of how it is supposed to be done, including any code related items.  Then you build it. The term “replica” and phrase “exact replica” have been thrown around a lot regarding the Municipal Building petition. Yet neither term nor phrase occur in the text of the petition itself ­— because this is not a replication.
This is a re-build starting from scratch with the architect’s original designs, developing new blueprints, which include the latest in code requirements and finishing with the actual construction. Pretty simple. Not too hard. Standard stuff. So why the nonsense with “replica?” Yet another smoke-screen from the hookah pipe designed to mystify, confuse and bamboozle the public, burying them in details and complexities that do not exist. I’m not over-fond of the phrase “analysis paralysis,” but perhaps in this instance it applies.  
And why the smoke-screen from the hookah pipe?  Because the opposition doesn’t have much else to work with — they really can’t sell the “Palace Alternative.” The muni petition is a from-scratch rebuild from the architect’s design.  This will give us the building where it was, as it was and as it should have been.  We can do this — we need only decide to get it done.
Richard Hannemann
Los Alamos