Skaters left in the dark

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By Jennifer Garcia

Those visiting the skate park in front of Mesa Public Library in the evening hours have found themselves in the dark.

Nov. 20, county staff conducted a walk-through of the skate park to determine what more needed to be done to complete the skate park project. One of the big concerns for county staff and county council is the lack of lighting at the park.

Community Services Director Stephani Johnson said that staff had been told that it would take three weeks for the lights to be installed. However, the contractor said that they thought it would take six weeks.

Johnson said that the six-week time period has nearly elapsed, as well, and they are still waiting for the lighting to be installed. She also said that the delay is not with the contractor, but rather, with the supplier, who apparently has said that they do not have the lights in stock.

“Rest assured that the contractor is getting calls from staff every couple of days for an update,” Johnson said. “Staff has expressed to them that this is a very important item that has the Council’s interest.” She added that the lights along the sidewalk, from Central Avenue to the library have been installed.

Since the park opened, trash receptacles have been installed and mulch has been placed at various locations as part of the landscaping plan. In addition, the permanent signs have not yet been installed because the county is waiting for their insurance company to give them a final determination on how to proceed regarding competing uses, for example, skateboards and bikes.

Though there are still a few items that need to be completed before the county can officially say that the skate park project is finished, Johnson is pleased with the outcome up to this point.

“So far the skate park has exceeded our expectations with regard to users,” she said. “We have seen users of all ages and types who seem to be very respectful of one another.”

She added that police officers are on site several times a week to visit with the users and talk about any issues that may come up.