Skateboard park good idea

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my support for the planned skateboard park in front of Mesa Public Library. Our Comprehensive Plan, adopted by our county council in 2005, includes 14 directives. Two of those are to enhance youth activities and to improve recreation. The development of a downtown skateboard park would address these directives and go a long way in showing that our community values our youth and recognizes their needs.

I work downtown and have noticed the many young people gathered in the parking lots to practice their tricks. Skateboarding is a true performance art. It is also a very physical activity and a hobby that requires a lot of patience and persistence in addition to talent. It seems to me this is exactly the type of activity for our kids that we ought to encourage.

And what better way to show them we support them than to provide an accessible place for them to gather, exercise and perform.

I have visited "urban skateparks" in a number of large cities and they are very attractive plazas, set in prominent downtown locations. The fact that so many cities are devoting resources, including their prime downtown land, to developing skateboard parks tells me these parks are not luxuries but they are addressing needs in all these communities.

A budget has been allocated for the development of a new Los Alamos skatepark and I was thrilled this summer when our council and our Parks and Recreation Department agreed to move forward with the plans for an urban skatepark by the library. However, my understanding is that this project has been delayed and an architect has not yet been hired.

I urge interested parents and community members to contact our councilors to let them know you support this project and to urge them to move forward with it. A downtown skateboard park will provide an outlet for a sport that is hugely popular; provide a spot for spectators to enjoy the talents of our kids; allow adults to more effectively supervise the kids, and show the kids of Los Alamos that they, too, are wanted downtown.

I applaud Chief Wayne Torpy, Det.Doug Johnson and the many other advocates for their efforts on behalf of our kids, and look forward to seeing progress on this important project.

Barbara Marcille

Los Alamos