Skate park problems far from over

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

After the recent P&Z meeting on the skate park, I e-mailed the council that I feared several unintended consequences of the process that was used, namely the following:

• community division;

• loss of faith in boards and commissions; and

• increased cynicism about the way in which county leadership engages the community.

I received no e-mail back.

Now council is rightly concerned about bad behavior and division and I think they should be concerned about the other points I enumerated as well.

And surely, as adults, we should be able to see beyond the single frame we bring to the issue.

But I also think it’s leadership’s job – indeed a major responsibility – to help close the division, not just tell people to behave better, especially if leadership has contributed to that division by poor process and consultation.

I think it’s Pollyanna to think all will be well when the council’s plan is put in place. Our experience with the civic center plan (among other initiatives) should tell us there needs to be better outreach to affected parties on important matters to folk here.

I would hope we could move forward on this without further rancor, but county leadership, both elected and administrative, will need to do more to heal the breach or I fear down the road we’ll have similar “bad behavior.”

Robert A. Nunz

White Rock