Skate approval ignored citizens

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Kudos to the members of P & Z and our county council who voted to ignore the will of most Los Alamos citizens. Those who voted for the skate board park location and construction have shown that they too can “stay the course” and ignore all reasoning.

They proved the following:

• It is better to recreate than to educate.

• It is better to reward irresponsible behavior than to correct it.

• $500,000 can be better spent for a few of our youth than for many other good kids who do not skateboard. What will the actual cost be?

• Lessons in good government are a waste of time for our youth and that we owe a select few their fun.

• To some of our youth that “WORK” is a dirty four letter word. “Complain and it will be done for you.”

• Elected officials are commended by how much they spend and not how much they save.

• The sidewalks are for skateboarders and not for pedestrians (especially those who might have hearing problems). The skateboarders have ignored the signs, which have dotted the downtown area for years. It is hard to see that they will suddenly be heeded.

• The police department is the skateboarders’ advocate and not enforcers of the law.

• The library building is for desecration and not for education. As soon as the park is built, it will be self-policed and all skateboarding at posted areas will stop.

• Several trees at the site must be cut down to permit the police to observe the park from the station.

Although there is a shortfall of nearly $700,000 in school funding, we will be wasting $500,000-plus of county taxpayer funds for a skateboard park. Is this a good demonstration of economics in action? Where do the funds for utilities relocation come from?

Incidentally, is the air conditioning system at the library working now and in preparation for the summer heat?

This letter is from a father of five raised in Los Alamos, six grandchildren and two great grand-children – none of whom have been declared saints.

John Buchen

Los Alamos