Sixth grade students moved by victims

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Sixth grade students who participated in the project were eager to talk about their reasons for donating. All had been deeply affected by the images of devastation on their television screens. Many had relatives living in affected areas.

They were proud of contributing their own money to the effort.

“The first night I watched the news and thought, ‘I can help. I just need to figure out how to do that,’ “ said a student named Janessa. “Then the next day, I heard about the fundraiser. I donated $5 and I’m going to give more today.”

“My aunt’s next door neighbor had a tree fall on his house,” Lexy said. “I thought it might help him and help a lot of people.”

“I just wanted to donate because I’m a Boy Scout and just like to help people out,” Shawn said.

“I did it to give people hope, giving hope to the hopeless,” Caleb said.

“I feel we have so much to offer, and Hurricane Sandy destroyed so many homes, we have to give to this,” Anna said.

“I feel great knowing we helped a lot of people,” said Jacob, who has family in Virginia.

“It feels so nice to help people,” said Eloche, who was also struck by the images on television. “It felt like they were going to be helped.”

“It was just really sad to watch, so it was pretty nice to donate,” Connor said.

“My mom’s cousin was in New York and didn’t want to evacuate. I figured if I donated it would probably help her,” Joseph said.

“The night it happened we were watching the news,” Alina said. “It made me sad to see all those homes and cars destroyed, so when I came to school the next day and saw a way to help I was glad to donate.”