Similar road rage arrest is ‘separate’ from NM 502 incident

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By Bennett Horne

Even though an incident of road rage in the region Wednesday bore similarities to a Feb. 2 incident in Pojoaque, authorities don’t believe the investigations will reveal a common shooter.

“It sounds like a separate incident to me,” said Santa Fe County Sheriff’s spokesman Juan Rios. “As of (Friday afternoon) we’ve not made any arrests in our investigation and we continue to search for this person.”

Santa Fe police continue to investigate circumstances around their arrest of clinical psychologist William K. Hunt, 65, of Albuquerque on Wednesday after he pointed a gun at another man’s head following a road rage incident.

Hunt, who was driving a black Jeep, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment after nearly crashing into that driver’s vehicle and then pulling a gun on that vehicle’s driver.

As the other driver was attempting to call 911, Hunt got out of the Jeep carrying a handgun and pointed it at the other driver. He continued to hold the man at gunpoint until a responding officer yelled at him to drop the gun, which he did, according to the police report.

Authorities said Hunt, who told them he believes people have been following him, alleged and suggested that the other driver was driving one of the vehicles he believes “has been possibly following and stalking him,” the police report said.

Hunt, who according to the report has filed “numerous police reports with Albuquerque police authorities, State Police and (SFPD) about how ‘they’ continue to stalk and harass him,” told police Wednesday that he’d seen “several suspicious vehicles parked on a hill near his work” and again referred “to the alleged perpetrators as ‘they.’”

While Hunt is in jail, Rios said his department is still searching for the suspect who fired shots into the vehicle of a Los Alamos National Laboratory employee, striking him in the back of his head Feb. 2 as he was driving home to Santa Fe.

According to initial reports, the victim, a 40-year-old man, called 911 from the Phillips 66 gas station at 67 Ogo Wii Road in Pojoaque immediately following a road rage incident.
The man described to police that he had an exchange on NM 502 with a person driving a white Jeep Wrangler. The driver of the Jeep Wrangler had reportedly driven in front of his vehicle and pulled over to let him pass. The Jeep then pulled behind him and then alongside the victim, yelling and making hand gestures.
The victim heard two loud pops somewhere between Pojoaque High School and the Rio Grande River. He said he was pretty sure the pops were gunshots, but he could not be sure. He then sped up and left the area.
The victim was struck in the back of the head and sustained injuries. A bullet fragment was lodged in his skull, according to police reports.
The sheriff’s office put out bulletins on social media with the description of the Jeep Wrangler and received some tips, but no suspects have been arrested.
Residents who may have more information about the attack can call the sheriff’s office at 505-428-3720 for more information.