Silent majority urged to speak up

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By The Staff

It is my observation from discussing the location of the county’s proposed Municipal Building with friends as well as strangers that the “silent majority” of Los Alamos residents would like the new structure to be on the original site by Ashley Pond.

The “silent majority” are those of us who do not have the time to be vocal in response to all the meetings published by the county in order to voice our opinions.  We have jobs, family and other commitments and need to trust our elected officials to do the “greatest good for the greatest number.”

Using the Ashley Pond site will centralize county offices and services for the convenience of the public. It will use already owned public land. Well thought out landscaping will maintain the desired open park atmosphere.

To those of you who can, please let the County Council know you are a member of the “silent majority” with one e-mail to all. The Monitor publishes council e-mail addresses.  Let’s make some noise!

Allene Lindstrom

Los Alamos