Sign removed due to permitting issue

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Gas station: Signage also caused possible traffic hazard

By The Staff

Last week, the new Smiths Fuel Station, which opened Tuesday, had a fancy new sign to greet visitors.
During the ribbon cutting Tuesday, it was noticeably absent.
Los Alamos County Transportation manager Nancy Talley provided the following explanation for the removal of the sign.
“Primarily there were two issues with the sign; they did not have a sign permit to install the sign per the county’s development code and they installed it in the sight visibility triangle which caused a traffic safety hazard,“ Talley said.
“The sign was removed because it was causing sight visibility problems for vehicles trying to exit Knecht Street onto Trinity Drive. Yesterday I met with the contractor and a couple of Smith’s representatives and helped them field spot an appropriate location to install the sign once they obtain the appropriate sign permit.”
The Los Alamos Monitor printed a photo of the sign when it was still in place last week and a Smith’s executive quipped Tuesday that he went out and bought five or six newspapers as a keepsake.
Marsha Clifford from the Smiths corporate office said, “We were originally “signed off” on the sign so this came as a surprise. But we complied with their request to remove it. There is a meeting on Nov. 15 that will determine whether we may have a pylon sign or pole sign.”