Showing off talents

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By The Staff

Exhibits ranging from finely sewn quilts to vegetable baskets were exhibited during the County Fair.  The entries were displayed at Mesa Public Library.

This year, four individuals were awarded the “Best of the Best” award – a beautifully engraved Nambé plate. Catherine Runnels  received the “Fiber Arts – Best of the Best Award” for her pink bear crochet toy. Franklin Bunker received the “Culinary Arts – Best of the Best Award” for his yeast enriched white bread.  Debra Gardner, received the “Creative Arts Best of the Best Award” for her “Alphabet” mixed media piece.  Jill Sherrill, received the “Horticulture Best of the Best Award” for her vegetable basket.

“There were such a variety of different items,” said Paula Roybal-Sanchez, Extension Home Economist/4-H Agent. “What we did was select each grand champion from all those categories and then we drew from them. It was just too difficult to compare each of those categories.”

Overall, she said the entries for this year’s fair were impressive. “The entries were very good quality. Our numbers are down and I’m not sure what caused that to happen. But our quality of exhibits is very good,” Roybal-Sanchez said.

She encourages the community to show their talents in next year’s fair.

“The fair is only as good as the participation,” Roybal-Sanchez said. “And it is wonderful opportunity for the community to come out and see what each other is doing. There are a lot of talented people in the community and it brings back the community spirit that we want.”  

The following individuals were recognized for their Grand and Reserve Grand Champion awards:

Division 1: Clothing – Adult Grand Champion, Menolda Bakker

Division 2: Knitting – Adult Grand Champion,  Anita Marks; Adult Reserve Grand Champion,  Ronalie Moss.

Division 3:  Crochet –Youth Grand Champion, Katherine Runnels; Youth Reserve Grand Champion,  Allysa Hollowell; Adult Grand Champion, Lilia Holcomb; Adult Reserve Grand Champion, Eva Lymon.

Division 4:  Needlework – Adult Grand Champion, Nancy Lemons; Adult Reserve Grand Champion,  Nancy Lemons.

Division 5:  Quilts  –  Youth Reserve Grand Champion, Laruen Partin;  Adult Grand Champion, Debbie Claytor; Adult Reserve Grand Champion, Bobbie Simpson.

Division 6:  Baked Goods – Youth Grand Champion, Sara Bulthuis; Youth Reserve Grand Champion, Ann Sherrill; Adult Grand Champion, Franklin Bunker; Adult Reserve Grand Champion, Bonnie Clay.

Division 7: Preserved Foods – Adult Grand Champion, Jeanne Butler; Adult Reserve Grand Champion, Bonnie Clay.

Division 8: Hobbies and Crafts – Youth Grand Champion, Brice Schroeder; Youth Reserve Grand Champion,  Andre Green;  Adult Grand Champion, David Olivas; Adult Reserve Grand Champion, Jill M. Oyenque.

Division 9: Fine Arts – Youth Grand Champion, Harry Green; Youth Reserve Grand Champion, Sharifa Lookman;  Adult Grand Champion, Debra Gardner; Adult Reserve Grand Champion, Mendola Bakker.

Division 10: Photography – Youth Grand Champion, Lorenzo Venneri; Youth Reserve Grand Champion, Lorenzo Venneri;  Adult Grand Champion, Carolyn Ramsey; Adult Reserve Grand Champion,  Kimber Wallwork-Heinsmann.

Division 11: Horticulture – Youth Grand Champion, Alina Bulthuis; Youth Reserve Grand Champion,  Alina Bulthuis;  Adult Grand Champion,  Jill Sherrill; Adult Reserve Grand Champion, Jill Sherrill.

 Division 12: 4-H Projects Department – 4-H Grand Champion, Nuria Clodius; 4-H Reserve Grand Champion, Kevin Adams.