Showing some support from home

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By Carol A. Clark

To honor U.S. military personnel and increase community morale, Xerox Corporation has created Let’s Say Thanks, a national program designed to deliver millions of cards to servicemen and women overseas with messages of support from home.

On June 26, 2006, Xerox launched the Web site www.LetsSayThanks.com to allow the public to send personal messages to support the men and women stationed overseas. The messages are sent on postcards designed by children from across the country.

The postcards, depicting patriotic scenes and hometown images, were selected from a pool of entries from children across the country.

Local Veterans of Foreign Wars Junior Vice Commander Gene Tucker recounted how he felt when receiving word from home while serving overseas.

“During the Viet Nam War I remember receiving books and care packages from children all across the United State. It was an amazing and heartfelt experience,” Tucker said. “The books meant a lot to me because I’m a voracious reader but what really struck home with me was homemade sweets. To think people would spend their time and money to make and send me and my compatriots something good to eat was wonderful.”

Tucker served as Post 8874 commander from 1998 until he stepped down in 2008.

“I suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and had to remove myself. You can only serve so long and ask others to do so much unless you can do it yourself and I reached a point where I could not any longer,” Tucker said. “So I’m doing what I can now and I’m working with young soldiers returning from war.”  

Personalizing postcards using LetsSayThanks.com takes about 10 seconds. The completed cards are printed in batches, then bundled and sent along with care packages from Give2TheTroops.

Give2TheTroops is a nonprofit

organization formed to support the physical, moral and spiritual health of America’s armed forces in combat zones around the world through the letters and packages prepared and shipped by volunteers.

Postcards sent through LetsSayThanks.com will be delivered to men and women from all military branches deployed on active duty around the globe — including Iraq, Afghanistan and Asia.

Senders also can download files of any of the designs to mail to relatives or personal friends serving in the military.

Participants are encouraged to visit LetsSayThanks.com often and send as many cards as desired, with the only requirement being to send a different design each time, so that the troops receive a variety of cards.