Should we end the war in Afghanistan?

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By Dick Foster

Obama says he will begin withdrawing troops in 2011, but some feel we should end this illegal and immoral war much sooner. This earlier withdrawal would make sense since our invasion and occupation of Afghanistan appear to have been from the very beginning about controlling natural gas pipelines, as well as controlling a lot of previously known resources such as lithium, gold and copper. The pipeline scenario has been well served by both Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice who worked deals with Afghanistan during their tenure with Halliburton and Chevron, respectively.

Obama needs to end the war soon to ease his image of hypocrisy. Both he and General Petraeus have said that military action is not the answer to stabilizing Afghanistan and yet Obama promoted a troop surge, which has escalated the military aspect that he said was not the answer.  

So how do we end the war? Some experts suggest stopping the killing immediately. End all combat operations. Stop the drone operations in Pakistan. Close all our bases in Afghanistan and begin complete withdrawal of all our troops. This all sounds simplistic, but seems better than another $3 trillion war like the one in Iraq. We cannot afford all these wars.

Dick Foster

Los Alamos