Shot from the hip goes awry

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In her usually good column Sunday, Sherry Robinson fired a shot from the hip and unwarrantedly struck a Corrales public employee. Robinson claims idiocy for taking an electronic cigarette out into the Bosque during fire surveillance.
Anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds learning how those things work will recognize how difficult it is to understand one of them starting a fire. Unlike “real” cigarettes, these are low temperature, low voltage devices that are expected to reduce or eliminate fire risk from “smoking.”
There have been several public expressions of incredulity that this sole suspect for starting that fire could have done so. It may well have been the actual cause, but there is a significant difference between an incorrect conclusion based on reasonable analysis (a mistake) and idiocy.
Robinson severely damaged an otherwise worthy column by this calumny and owes a public apology to the Corrales employee.
Terry Goldman
Los Alamos