Shopping locally does worlds of good

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By Ralph Damiani

We know that you’ve the talk of shopping locally, how much it means to the area and all the good it does.

Well, unlike a lot of things you hear, this one is totally true.

Shopping locally helps provide for local services and amenities – like parks and libraries – and provides jobs to many local people.

Shopping locally helps everyone.

You save gas, you help provide a tax base for services and schools and you double that benefit by providing jobs.

There is no downside to shopping locally.

It is in this vein that Locals Care, an organization that offers incentives to shop locally, is taking shape in Los Alamos.

A meeting of local business leaders, facilitated by Bill Enloe and Steve Wells at Los Alamos National Bank, got a swift green light to engage local businesses in a “buy local” consortium that offers cash back registered consumers who do business with participating local Los Alamos businesses. A share of the purchase price goes to the nonprofit organization or charity of the card member’s choice, and another piece goes to designated umbrella community philanthropy.

It is an idea LANB successfully helped launch in Santa Fe.

So you can help the community, provide jobs, assist your favorite charity and stay home to enjoy our beautiful community.

Let’s all take part in this program and let’s spend more of our hard-earned money right here at home.