Shopping for clothes doesn’t have to be a chore

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You have got to love shopping, but gosh, why does it always have to be so tiring? With the exception of a few high-stamina power-shoppers, most people become exhausted after a few hours of intense browsing, buying and trying on clothes.
But you should not let that deter your drive to shop. If the plan includes shopping for several hours, wear comfortable shoes. No one wants to be trolling about in a pair of five-inch heels, right?
Whether shopping by yourself, with a friend, or a group of friends, keep in mind that shopping with a group is kind of like a doughnut: it makes you happy, but it’s just not good for you.
This is especially the case when a group of friends have different opinions. A lot of times, people will morph the shopper’s opinion of a clothing item into theirs, and that person may end up not buying something that they truly love.
Sometimes the worst part of shopping is trying on clothes. A helpful, determined and spirited salesperson can be really useful in this case.
Tell them what you are looking for, what colors you like, and what styles you like. They know the store’s clothing inventory far better than the shopper, and you may actually love what they bring you to try out.
It may sound silly, but keeping the changing area organized is important. All of the clothes that have not been tried on should be placed on one hook.
Two other hooks should be left available. One for what the shopper plans to buy and one for what the shopper will not buy. This is helpful when trying on a heap of clothes.
Trying on so many clothes and styles in such a short timeframe can be really overwhelming and tiring. Take a latte break.
Next are the department stores. They are so large that the shopper should start out by taking a quick look around the whole floor without picking anything out, and then go back and pick out what caught the eye the first time around.
In boutiques, which are usually small, there are not a lot of fitting rooms. Girls should be efficient and wear a tank top before shopping in boutiques, so if they encounter a line to the changing rooms, they can just slip what they want to try on over the tank top.
Shoppers should also check the return policies on items in the store. If you are not sure about an item, make certain you’ll able to return it.
Additionally, if a store offers a discount a few days after something was purchased there, the item can often be taken back to the store with the original receipt, for the discount.
It may be difficult to manage, but a successful shopping day is essential to any wardrobe.
As they say, get out there and shop until you drop!