Shopkeeper says buying local gets her vote

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By The Staff

I just finished reading the Monitor and I have to say that I am truly saddened by what I read.

Geoff Rodgers is the only candidate who supported local businesses 100 percent in his campaign for county council. Geoff you have my vote!

The excuses are endless, “It was more convenient to shop in Santa Fe or online,” “It is too expensive when you use a middle man,” and “I did not know that any businesses offered this service.” I can walk down Central Avenue and see that these services are offered at two locations within a block.

I have one question for all the candidates: Did anyone call to ask any of these local businesses if they did offer the services or if they could compete with any of the prices that were offered off the Hill, or if they would lower the prices for bulk orders? It does not sound like it.

As a small business owner, I am proud to say that I do shop local. I buy clothes, dance wear, shoes, groceries, office and business supplies, jewelry, dining, books and whatever else I can buy here. Do I pay a little more? I guess I might, but that is OK, I am supporting our local community. I am proud to support my community and my fellow citizens by shopping locally!

Geoff, I am proud to support you, as you have supported our community. Thank you!

Let’s get back to the place where we practice what we preach and our community will flourish … just watch!

Heather Ortega

Los Alamos