Shop to give students a field trip of a lifetime

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By The Staff

Chamisa Elementary School transforms into a one-stop shop and mini mall this weekend, for early birds to gear up for a bit of Mother’s Day shopping.

Scentsy Independent Consultant Tiffany Lovell is the mastermind behind the Mother’s Day Boutique, from 8 a.m.- 1p.m. Saturday.

The more than 30 vendors include representatives for everything from Tupperware and homemade jewelry to Mary Kay Cosmetics and hand-made crafts, available for purchase for any gift-giving occasion.

“I am thrilled with the response,” Lovell said. “We have people coming from Santa Fe and Espanola to participate. It is going to be a well represented event.”

Sixth-grade teacher Debbie Smith explains how what seemed like a small community event, has evolved into a community building experience.

“We can provide a convenient neighborhood venue for Mother’s Day shopping, support our local small businesses and crafters and raise money for a worthy cause,” she said. “The students, staff, parents and local small businesses work at the event together, further supporting our teaming philosophy and building a sense of community.”

The Mother’s Day Boutique has presented sixth-graders with opportunities from working on advertising to writing letters to local businesses asking for support.  Funds from the boutique will go toward a field trip called, ROPES.

ROPES or Right of Passage Experience for Sixth is a team building field trip that happens each year.

“ROPES is so wonderful because it builds on and extends the Chamisa philosophy of teaming to support students in reaching for their personal bests,” Smith said. “Students, staff and parents work together to make this experience possible, and each year begin with planning together in the fall, raising funds throughout the year, and celebrating one another’s successes during the trip in May. Watching students achieve great heights (literally) and seeing them overcome obstacles as a group, is so rewarding.  Parents and students form bonds that will help guide them, as they move on from Chamisa.”

 Sixth-grade parent Beth Dermer knows the amount of work that goes into raising the funds for the cheetah trip, but gives the bulk of credit to Lovell.

“Tiffany has been a tremendous support for this event,” Dermer said. “As a small business owner without a child at Chamisa, it is a vwonderful gift to receive the time and effort that she has willingly put into the event.”

Lovell also represents the New Mexico Women in Business. “Our goal is to create a community of independent business owners – each free to create their businesses as they please, and each contributing to a pool of expertise that is available to all – sort of like a freedom direct sales company,” Lovell said.

To inquire about New Mexico Women in Business or about spaces for the weekend event, call Lovell at 501-1014 or visit www.nomorematches.com.