Shop ’til you drop Saturday

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Gateway to the holidays: This year’s Fall Arts and Crafts Fair will be at Crossroads Bible Church

The 35th Annual Fall Arts and Crafts Fair presented by the Fuller Lodge Art Center Saturday, offers a “Gateway to the Holidays” shopping experience with a showcase of artists and craftspeople. The show features more than 60 artists representing 22 communities and three states.
The artists present a wide selection of contemporary arts and crafts, ranging from functional to decorative. Both two- and three-dimensional works will be featured including ceramics, fabric and fiber, glass, jewelry, metal, wood, painting and photography. 
This year, the Art Center is holding the fair at the Crossroads Bible Church, 97 East Road. This venue will hold enough artists for variety, while still maintaining an intimate shopping experience. To help celebrate the new location, there will be a number of door prizes. Anyone who visits may enter the drawing. Pick up a ticket at the front door, go to the stage and punch a hole in the ticket, then drop it in the “draw” box on the way out. This will help the Art Center get a count of attendees and encourage visitors to wander through the whole fair, hopefully looking at many of the works displayed.
Door prizes include a matted 11”x14” photograph of fall aspens by Doug Coombs; several necklaces by Patricia Kokesh; a washi paper-covered box by Cricket Messersmith; and several other pieces of art. The drawing will take place at 3 p.m. but those entered do not need to be present to win.
This is a juried fair, open only to artists who design and produce their own work, providing shoppers an opportunity to select unique pieces and find something friends and relatives really do not have. Many professional artists only show at juried shows where their work is seen among other quality-crafted art without commercially produced assembly-line products detracting from the atmosphere. As Gino Schiavone said in an interview on KRSN, “We prefer juried shows because the others just let anyone in.”
Gino and Judith Schiavone just began showing in Los Alamos this year and said they really enjoy the Los Alamos crowd. They produce Tarot jewelry, with earrings and pendants featuring intricate etchings of the 22 Major Arcana Tarot cards. Gino began as a sun dial maker, mainly selling at Renaissance fairs, and moved into jewelry after he had a dream about wearing a pendant that he now produces. The Schiavones will bring some of their smaller portable sundials, as well.
For Loretta Towne, a Navajo beader from Yah-ta-hey, N.M., the show will be her first in Los Alamos. Towne and her husband create intricate seed-bead designs in jewelry and said they look forward to sharing their traditional and modern designs with those on the Hill. As usual, there will be a large selection of jewelers, including MaryAnn Somers and Kathy Hjeresen.
Another newcomer to the Los Alamos fair scene is Krysia Kaporkowski, a stained glass artist who began sharing her work in the Gallery Gift Shop at the Art Center a few months ago. Kaporkowski applies her handling of the stained glass process to lamps, window hangers, Christmas angels, ornaments and even tissue boxes and business card holders. She will share her experiences as an artist in a live interview at 8:40 a.m. Friday on KRSN.
Kathleen Veenstra, known in town for her work in the schools and as a psychologist, will share her pottery this weekend. Veenstra said she finds  that the meditative quality of working with clay provides a balance to the cerebral nature of her career. She is also a painter, which is evident in the designs gracing her pottery.
Fuller Lodge Art Center’s Fall Arts and Crafts Fair runs from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday. Kenny’s BBQ trailer will be parked out front to provide breakfast or lunch for shoppers. To learn more about the artists participating in the fair, visit the Art Center website at fullerlodgeartcenter.com/Fair_Fall2012.shtml.