This ship has sailed

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By Ralph Damiani

The council debated the West Jemez bypass project at its meeting Tuesday. We have to wonder why they bothered.

They heard from the public with their concerns about the project – a project that is not a good one and one that should never have been agreed to.That is true. But to have debate now is pointless. The council has set us on this course and to take some kind of input now is pointless. As was their vote. It is way too late.We are on our own with this project that is the definition of a white elephant.The governor’s pledge of $6 million went away like all his pledges and we are left with $2 million in state money. Not nearly enough to build the project, but ahead we go. Where we are going to get the $10 million to build this thing is up for debate, but you know it will come out of our pockets right here.We thought the council did the right thing years ago when it sued DOE over the security perimeter project. We disagreed with the settlement they agreed to, seeing it as no settlement.The way it has played out seems to show that we were right and we are left with a project for a road that will be more trouble than anything else and cost a ton of money for very little return.