She's no packaged politician

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Wilson worries about the nation’s financial future

By Harold Morgan

Heather Wilson knows her stuff. One would expect that, you might think, given that she represented Albuquerque in the House of Representatives for 10 years.
Wilson, now a candidate for the U.S. Senate to replace retiring Jeff Bingaman, speaks in depth and detail about the challenges facing the United States.
The point here is that Wilson is not an all-surface packaged bundle of talking points. Far from it. Further, I don’t see how she can be any more bona fide as a conservative.
Wilson speaks with passion fueled in part by experiences during the two-plus years after her time in congress ended in 2008 and announcing her Senate candidacy in March of this year.
I spoke to Wilson in mid-October at her Spartan campaign office in Albuquerque.
We used a digital recorder. At the end, I needed recorder management help.
Wilson assisted, smiled and said it was part of the customer service.
This column and next week’s column will share excerpts from the conversation.
In a couple of weeks, I will post the transcript.
Morgan: What’s happened in the last couple of years?  What have you seen?  Learned?  
Wilson: I got a dog, subscribed to Netflix. There were times with my family.  Survived cancer. Started a business. Those were the superficial answers.
I spent a lot of quiet time, which I hadn’t had in a long time, and I really enjoyed that. I had an opportunity to read and think in longer stretches.
I got back in depth into some of the issues that I care most about – defense and intelligence – and did that work for a couple of years before announcing that I intended to run for the Senate.
So I guess it was an opportunity to reflect, to observe and to become, frankly, deeply concerned with what I was seeing: the decisions about the direction about this country, particularly its financial direction.
With respect to the financial direction of the country, we’ve just had a fiscal year that closed on the 30th of September.  
In the three previous years, we had a 30 percent increase in federal government spending.  
When every family in America was cutting back on spending, tightening their belts, worrying about their jobs, the federal government went on a spending spree.
The Democratic Congress and the President of the United States spent $787 billion and did not generate the economic activity that they promised, and the reason is they’re wrong in their approach.
That’s not where the wealth and jobs come from.
Morgan: Is there one specific thing for you that says this is why you should be a U.S. senator?
Wilson:  It’s not a specific thing, but it is a thing.
I told you I’m very concerned about the future of this country: our financial future; our ability to defend ourselves; a healthcare system that’s probably going to be near collapse between 2014 and 2016 if we allow this new federal healthcare program to be implemented in the way that it was passed and designed.
So there’s huge challenges facing this country, and I believe that every generation before ours has faced those challenges and met those challenges.  
That’s who we are as Americans. And now’s the time for our generation.
We are blessed by our parents and our grandparents to have inherited a tremendously strong country, full of tremendous opportunity.
But it’s not assured.  It’s up to every generation to make sure that we steward the freedom that we’ve been given to build a better country for our children and for our grandchildren.  
I see that as at risk. I don’t want to be the first generation that failed the test.
(This is the first of two parts. Next week: spending, health care, national defense.)

Harold Morgan
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