Sheriff rolls out site

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Crime > ‘Offender watch’ offers email alerts

By Tris DeRoma

Look out, bad guys. There’s a new website in town and it may have your name on it.

Recently, Los Alamos Sheriff Marco Lucero adopted “OffenderWatch,” a tool that’s self-described as “the nation’s leading registered sex offender and community notification tool.”

You can find the web site at sheriffalerts.com/nm/losalamos. Once you get there, the site offers two tools for people looking to stay one step ahead of sex offenders.

The first tool is a search function, which offers five ways to hunt for sex offenders in your area. The most effective is searching by the “city” tab. By typing “Los Alamos” into the search space, anyone who’s been convicted of a crime that compels them to register as a sex offender comes up, along with their last known address.

The site also lets you sign up for email alerts.

“It’s very user-friendly. It’s very easy to figure out where the offenders are,” Lucero said. “The email alerts also make it easy to track when and where sex offenders move, and if they have been graded non-compliant, we will also send out email alerts letting everyone know who it is.”

“Non-compliant” means that the offender did not notify the sheriff where they’ve moved or failed to do so through their annual or quarterly registration with the state.

Before OffenderWatch, the public went to the Department of Public Safety website to look up offenders, according to Pam Criscuolo, an administrator with the Los Alamos Sheriff’s Office. People can still access the sex offender registry from there, “... but this site is just in reference to our county,” Criscuolo said.

According to Lucero, the site will also serve as a constantly-changing source of news and updates. The website also features a “safety tips” section, a “links” section as well as a way to contact Lucero’s office.

“If there’s any new safety information that the public needs to know, then I will certainly add that too,” Lucero said. “And depending on what sort of feedback about the site I get from the public, I will do whatever I can to make the site more efficient and more informative.”