Shelter Report 4-30-17

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The Los Alamos Animal Shelter, 226 East Road, (505) 662-8179, has a great selection of adoptable pets just waiting for their forever home, so come adopt your new best friend today! All adoptable pets are micro-chipped, spayed or neutered, and up-to-date on vaccinations. Shelter hours are 12–6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday, and 12–3 p.m. Sunday.
Be sure to check out our website at lafos.org, where you can get more information about volunteering, adopting, and donating.
Mr. Whiskers—A big tabby cat that is about 4 years old. Changes are a bit stressful for him, so he will likely need a little bit of time to adjust to his new home. He can be independent, but he’s also very sweet and likes to snuggle when he’s in the mood! He is OK with mellow cats, but other dominant males sometimes bother him.
Wally—A handsome and regal 3-year-old tabby. He has beautiful, inquisitive eyes that draw in volunteers and shelter visitors, and he loves when volunteers open his kennel to pet him. Wally came to the shelter as a stray, so we don’t know much about his history, but he’s excited about finding a home that will keep him inside and make him part of the family.
Bailey—A 10-year-old black and white tuxedo who wants to be your best friend! He loves sitting on laps and lounging in the sunshine, even when his black fur gets really hot and makes him drowsy. He’s very curious and loves exploring new places, so care will have to be taken to make sure he doesn’t try to get outside to explore! He has a soft meow that he uses to let you know he wants some attention. Bailey does well with older, friendly cats, but kittens might be a bit too rambunctious for him.
Sam—An 8-year-old all black male kitty who would make the perfect gentle buddy. This sweetheart loves to hang out in his little kitty hammock, but as soon as visitors step into his kennel, he’s all about giving and receiving love!.
Pandora and Simba—Two orange and white kitties that love to hang out and snuggle together. Pandora has adorable, slightly crossed eyes, and Simba is content to snuggle in a basket all day!
Daisy—A young and vocal dilute tortie who loves attention! She’s inquisitive and rambunctious, and she will bring a lot of laughs into her new home. She does have lots of kitten energy though - she might be a little overwhelming for older cats, and she would probably do best with a kitty playmate.
Nora, Charcoal and Aspen—Three of the eight kitties that were dumped behind the shelter with no information or history. All of the kitties are extremely sweet and well socialized; they are currently undergoing veterinary care and checkups and will then be available for adoption.
Natasha—A Doberman/shepherd-mix with the perfect mix of both breeds. She is about three years old, and she cannot wait to find a family that will consider her a valued member of the family and allow her to enjoy their outdoor activities and indoor comforts.
Marida—A petite, 3-year-old cattle dog mix. She can be a bit picky about her friends – she prefers the company of dogs and humans, but she definitely does not enjoy having to share her space with cats or poultry! She has great manners and a very sweet nature, and her beautiful brown eyes will make you fall in love immediately!
Gracie—A young hound mix who will need to be an indoor family member, since she is a bit of an escape artist – or maybe she just wants everyone to give her a reason to like staying at home! She is very sweet and people-oriented.