Shelter Report 4-2-17

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The Los Alamos Animal Shelter, 226 East Road, (505) 662-8179, has a great selection of adoptable pets just waiting for their forever home, so come adopt your new best friend today! All adoptable pets are micro-chipped, spayed or neutered, and up-to-date on vaccinations. Shelter hours are 12–6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday, and 12–3 p.m. Sunday.

Be sure to check out our website at lafos.org, where you can get more information about volunteering, adopting, and donating.

Mr. Whiskers—A big tabby cat that is about 4 years old. Changes are a bit stressful for him, so he will likely need a little bit of time to adjust to his new home. He can be independent, but he’s also very sweet and likes to snuggle when he’s in the mood! He is okay with mellow cats, but other dominant males sometimes bother him.
Lemon—A sweet older cat that was left at the front door of the shelter with no information or history. Lemon is currently in foster care receiving treatment for diabetes; her foster home reports that they call her Sugar, since she’s so sweet! When Lemon is feeling better, she’ll be looking for a mellow home that is understanding of the needs of a diabetic cat.
Waggs—A very loving senior kitty that lost her home due to a family medical situation. This little tortie gal just wants to share her love with someone! Waggs has spent her entire life as an only cat, but with a bit of patience, Waggs can successfully integrate herself into an existing pride of cats. She does require solitude at mealtime, as she is submissive about her food bowl; otherwise, she just wants to be part of your family and enjoy a soft bed in a sunny location. She gives a cute little squeak of “Mew!” when she wants company or food.
Ciel—A young Siamese mix male cat with beautiful blue eyes. He loves exploring new places, especially if there are lots of fun nooks and crannies to hide in! He seems to be more accepting of submissive female cats rather than male cats.
Zacorra—A 6-year-old gray and white cat who is so soft and fluffy! This sweet girl loves high perches, but she will quickly jump down to greet you when you get home. She has a sweet little “meow” that she uses to get your attention. Zacorra can’t wait to come home with you!
Tuck the Tortie and Ollie (orange and white)—New shelter residents that are looking forward to meeting shelter visitors!


Cookie—A 3.5-year-old Boxer mix who can’t wait to find a family that will help her continue to improve her training and commands. She did not have much training before coming to the shelter, but volunteers are working with her to help her learn proper behavior. She’d love to show how well she can “come,” “sit” and “down.” She is an energetic girl that would like to be with a family that has an active lifestyle. She has not been around younger children or cats, but she does do well with men, women, and older children.
Gretchen—A young and petite pit mix who needed to have one of her rear legs amputated due to a severely fractured femur. She certainly doesn’t let that slow her down though! She loves to relax and give kisses, she’s very comfortable in new places, and she thinks that treats make everything better! Gretchen is currently in foster care. Call the shelter for information on how to meet Gretchen.
Flash Gordon—A handsome 3-year- old rat terrier mix. Flash recently took a field trip to the KRSN radio studio, and he absolutely loved his outing! This petite boy can’t wait to make you fall in love with him.
Bruce—A handsome, 3-year-old Aussie Cattle dog mix who can’t wait to run right into your heart! He is currently in foster care while he heals from a leg fracture, but he can’t wait to find his new family. He is house-trained and a master at using the pet door. Bruce gets along well with smaller dogs and is respectful of cats. He gets bored and lonely quickly, so a home with lots of action and interaction will be perfect for him. Bruce is currently in foster care while his leg heals, Call the shelter for more information.
Hanna—A petite and cuddly terrier mix that will steal your heart! She is two years old, but she still has lots of energy! She loves all people, especially if they have good treats. She does well with most dogs, no matter their size. She has learned how to “sit”, and she is very quick to learn new commands.
Bigley and Chief—Brothers that are about 4 months old. Shelter staff and volunteers think that they are Great Pyrenees/St. Bernard mixes. These two will be BIG boys!